Squires 2013

January 8, 2013

Dear Squires, welcome back from break and to a new year!  We had a very successful year last year!  History was made with the 1st investiture of Squires held in the United States!  An article should be posted on the international website of the Order soon!

We will be resuming our meetings next week Thursday, January 17th at 7:20am in Rm. 213.  A few items for the agenda:

– The new medals are in and we need to schedule some kind of short yet official blessing and bestowal of the correct insignia.  FYI the gold cross which you all received will now be considered the “Order of Merit”.

– We need to plan the item drive for the troops ASAP.

– We need to schedule and commit to self defense training (part II) with Mr. Leonard.

– We should discuss recruitment and involvement with the Order of St. Lazarus at large.

* Some Squires have not yet turned in their $50 dues to cover the cost of insignia from the investiture – if this is you, please get me a check made out to “Robert Klesko” or “Cash” ASAP!  

May God bless us in the new year and may St. Lazarus pray for us!