End Notes

May 9, 2013

As we close out another year in the Squire’s Program at CC, a few events, issues, and notes to end our year on.

#1 – Thanks to all the Squires who participated in the Investiture Service in December – it was the 1st Investiture of Squires on American soil in the history of the Order of St. Lazarus.  I really must stress how historically significant this event was.

#2 – We doubled in size thanks to our newest chapter of Squires in Chapman University – again, I cannot stress how historically significant this is!

#3 – We conducted a successful Item Drive for our troops – the items will be packed up and shipped out over the weekend, along with a $100 check from a CC alumni/veteran.

#4 – Some things in the 2nd semester fell through and as the Master of Squires I would like to apologize for letting some things fall through the cracks; however, next year we are truly and strictly going to follow the constitution and insist on more student leadership.

#5 – Heading into summer vacation if there is any service that you do in the name of the Squires, please do let me know so that you can be properly recognized.

#6 – Thank you to those who faithfully attend all/most meeting and Squire’s events!

#7 – Next week Wednesday will be our last meeting of the school year, we will discuss possible summer events and events for next year.  We will also have a brief 10 min. ceremony for the distribution of correct medals – please make plans to attend!


Thanks for a great year Squires!  St. Lazarus, pray for us!