Results from 1/31 Meeting

February 5, 2013

Officer Nominations are as follows:

Captain- Dan Ryan, Ryan Shaw, Dougan D.

Co- Captain- Peter

Secretary- David

Treasurer (Honorary)- Chris

Sergeant in Arms- Gabe, Conner

Next Meeting- Feb 7th Next meeting will be Feb. 14, with elections and Mr. Klesko’s report from the national investiture.

Mr. Leonard gets to flip Sergeant in Arms

1. Brief distribution of metals- 2-15-13 (?) after school Dress code- As nice as possible Held in the chapel (most likely)

2. Item Drive for the Troops (After our Drive)- March- 4th-8th

3. Letter writing to troops during Item Drive- 1 or 2 times during this time Monday March 4th after school Thursday March 7th (?) after school

4. Assembly of CC veteran alumni Potential Assembly

5. Mr. Leonard’s self-defense class, $5 charge, Week after Easter break

6. Recruiting to the Order of St. Lazarus- Info night for parents/family

7. International meeting in Spain- Trip with Spanish dept. (?) pursuing


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