Jan. 17 Meeting Results

January 18, 2013

The Squires met on 1/17/13 and discussed the following:

1. The new medals are in for Professed Squires and Squires, we need to plan a brief blessing and distribution of insignia.  This brief service should only take 10-15 min..

*Medals distributed at Dec. investiture will now be considered “The Order of Merit”.

Action Item: think of dates and times for a service by 1/31

2. We need to plan the “Item Drive for our Troops”  Consider dates after Feb., maybe the beginning of March.

Action Item: proposed dates for the drive by 1/31

3. Letter writing to troops

Action Item: proposed dates and times by 1/31

4. We discussed the possibility of an assembly celebration of our CC alumni veterans.  I will pursue this to correspond with the end of our item drive.

5. We need to schedule our self-defense course with Mr. Leonard and we need a solid commitment to attend from members.  Therefore there will be a $5 fee charged for the class.

Action Item – dates and times to schedule the class.

6. Many Squires who attended the Investiture in December still owe Mr. Klesko their dues.  Please get your dues in ASAP.

7. Squires need to do their part to recruit for the Squire’s Program and please encourage your parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents (etc.) who may be interested in joining the Order of St. Lazarus as a regular member.

Action Item – we need to plan an informational meeting after-school for adults interested in joining the Order of St. Lazarus.  Dates and times to be proposed at the Jan. 31st meeting.

8. The International Chapter of the Order of St. Lazarus will be held in Valencia, Spain – we discussed the possibility of planning a trip with the Spanish Dept.

Action Item – Squires who are in Spanish classes, please take the lead if you want this trip to happen.

9. In the future for national investitures, the goal should be to send 3-5 Squires.


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